Cyber Security Specialists Needed

Recently read an article about how badly security specialists are needed, and not just by the government. Private companies, ISP’s, small businesses, and everyone in between needs them as well. Websites are constantly under attack for various reasons, from the “just because I can” all the way to procuring private information about customers (as with Sony last year). So how will this problem be solved? First, there have to be “general practitioners”, in other words every IT person needs some training in this. I would say they at least need to be able to spot problems, and solve the simple ones. They also need to be able to refer their clients to “specialists” when needed.

Now not every small business can afford that specialist, or even find one, and that is the second problem. We need more of security specialists so the price can come down, and they are more readily available. As a web host and website designer, I have what I would consider a decent amount of training in security. A large part of that is not just from my web background, but from my experience as a network administrator as well. Being able to catch security risks as they appear, stop them dead in their tracks, and then fix any damage they have done is very important. Everyone in IT needs to get more education/experience in doing this, and that is especially important for web designers and hosts like myself.

Here is the article about the rise of security specialists in TX.

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