GoDaddy taken down, BlueHost has issues too

For latest info on outage, go here:

Looks like GoDaddy has shown its “insecurities”, including their DNS and POP servers. Not only are websites down, but so is email and DNS (which can affect those who are not even hosting with them). Last week some BlueHost sites were down for days at a time, so obviously some things are not going well for hosts. My business uses a HostGator reseller account, and that is who most of my clients go through (including those I host on my own server). They have shown their intelligence again by going after those GoDaddy customers that are VERY unhappy, and you can use the promo code “avoidanonymous” to save 25% off your first invoice (no matter what you get with them, Virtual Server or just a Newegg account).

HostGator site

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