Is it worth basic slavery?

Your ipod, ipad, iwhatever? Is it worth the “coolness” factor of Apple? Is it worth the technology innovations? I am just not sure that it is, I think we have overstepped the bounds of humanity in the way we treat other country’s workers. According to a recent New York Times article, our technology comes at a high cost. Under age workers, no breaks, standing all day, dangerous deplorable conditions, sleeping in 1 room shacks with 5 other people,¬†Forcing them to cut safety, fires, and just about anything else you can imagine.

The horrors that take place in these factories are unimaginable here in the US, but commonplace overseas (and Mexico if you look at other industries). We have made amazing strides in technology, many which have helped in medicine, but is it worth the price of depriving workers of their basic human rights? How is this ok?

Some say these strides would be impossible without some risks, with some leeway in the industry. But how much is too much? Have we ever tried to do this without torturing workers? I mean come on, we can wait an extra month for the 4S if it means workers lives will be saved. Right?

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