Kaspersky freezing computers

So much for Kaspersky being the best computer security out there. I currently use it on all client computers and servers, and it has been great. It uses the least amount of system resources in regards to reliable AV and security out there, but now they have kind of gone down the drain. For the past few years people have had some random freezes, but it was always limited. As of today, I know of over 30 BIG businesses that have had complete system crashes, and many more small businesses like myself. Basically with the DB sent out 12/17 there was some kind of error that has been causing systems to crash on boot or scans. Took me forever to find the fix out there on a forum, basically you have to safeboot in windows and  rollback to the earlier DB (UPDATE: now you can update to most recent DB and it works). Impossible so far to find articles out there about it, apparently Kaspersky was just hoping updates would take place before system crashes. I hope this does not become a regular problem with them, or I may soon be doing a major change for myself and all of my clients.

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  • I think you need to provide the fnoiowllg information before anyone can advise you.Make and model of your processor.Amount of RAM(memory), size of your hard drive and how much empty space is left on it.What operating system is installed on your PC?(i.e windows XP,Vista, 7 etc)

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