McKinnon extradition blocked

A lot of interesting points here.

  1. One of the most expensive and largest hacks into a military system in history, and the guy is out on bail?
  2. The extradition treaty says United States prosecutors are not require to provide evidence to his legal team to support the extradition (Britain’s Extradition Act of 2003)
  • pretty crazy, it means they should have sent him over.
  • What is more crazy is that the UK agreed to that act
I guess they should have sent him over by now, and an odd reason for him to hack in. Can you imagine what he could have done to the system? He has already crashed a bunch of the computers, if he had been working for someone else (terrorist or another country), the damage could have been devastating.
Just more evidence why US and it’s IT people need to focus on security, and focus on it now. That means higher pay for security experts, more training available than just Security+ and Cisco, and getting young people interested in defense instead of just offense. If our systems are not secured ASAP, then expect to see some major problems (not just with business systems, but government as well) VERY soon.


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