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I just started doing some plugin editing, the first was “My Social Links Bar”. Now I have done a little bit with “Customized Login” and even “Google Analytics”. I just wanted some to know how easy “My Social Links Bar” is, and here is some quick info.

First thing you have to do is of course create an account with the new social media (for this example I will be using www.manta.com). After this you create an icon to use for the site, I just went to images.google.com and looked for “manta” and size being icon. You may still have to adjust its size though, it needs to be 24×24. Next upload the image to the ‘plugins/my-social-links-bar/lib/icons’ folder. Make sure it is .png format.

Next comes the actual code editing, but my gosh this one is easy (hence I started with it). Go to the plugins-editor inside your WordPress Dashboard. Choose My Social Links Bar, and then go to ‘my-social-links-bar/lib/config.xml’. You will see a simple text document, and a list of all the social links that are currently on your bar. Now comes the editing. Go to the line below <link class=”linkedin” img=””></link>, and simply add the social link you want. For this example I added <link class=”manta” img=””></link> . How the script knows to find your icon is by the name you give here, so insure you named your icon manta.png

This will add the image to your bar, and the next section adds it to your Plugin Dashboard. Under <url class=”linkedin”>http: //linkedin.com/pub/</url> add <url class=”manta”>http://manta.com/</url>. That is it, you will now have that option in the plugin dashboard, and you will be able to quickly add the account. You can then do this for any other account you want linked to the Social Links Bar, simply replace the “manta” with whatever the name of the account is, the website with their website. Do not forget to put the “/” at the end of the account, as well as name the icon same as your config file reference, and that it is 24×24 and png format.


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