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WordPress Changes

Just updated WordPress, and WOW! Where the heck did that come from? 3.8 has some of the biggest changes I have ever seen, which does tell us that it is mostly visual, but still… This release is focused on improving the user interface for WordPress admin area meaning a lot of visual improvements. In this article, we will show you what’s coming in WordPress 3.8 and how you can try some of these features right […]


LinkedIn Is A Must For All Small Businesses

It’s the professional’s facebook, without the politics and crazy trolls (most of the time).  Social media can be a great way for your business to both expand and build as well as solidify your brand, which can in turn bring in more customers. While there are numerous services out there, many companies focus on Facebook and Twitter, when they should also be focusing on the main business related social media service: LinkedIn. Here’s four reasons […]

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