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Bank websites attacked

Yet again the US business industry has underestimated their attackers, and they are slowly losing this war. Major U.S. bank websites have been offline a total of 249 hours in the past six weeks, and hackers are not doing all that they can. At most they are at around 60%-70% full throttle, and there may be good reason. To learn about someone’s defenses, the easiest way is to make them use them. You find out what […]


Cyber Attacks Now the Biggest Threat

So, I have been posting about cyber attacks non-stop, looks like I was on the right track.  Intelligence leaders said for the first time on Tuesday that cyber attacks and cyber espionage have supplanted terrorism as the top security threat facing the United States. Some of the biggest reasons for this are speed of evolving technology, how inexpensive it is to use/but this technology, and the mass of these attacks (and the attackers). “In some cases, the […]


Chinese Cyberattacks and Presidential Order

Takeaway: A wave of cyberattacks originating from China have been revealed and a new Presidential executive order pertaining to network security standards is in the works. At the beginning of the month, the New York Times revealed that it had been under a systematic and sophisticated attack by hackers for the past four months, and that they believed it was coming from China. Then, just a day later, the Wall Street Journal came out saying that they, too, were under constant attack by […]


Federal Reserve Hacked

  The Federal Reserve has acknowledged a data breach. The Federal Reserve has acknowledged that an outside party gained access to its website and a limited amount of data, raising questions about the central bank’s cyber-security measures. “The Federal Reserve System is aware that information was obtained by exploiting a temporary vulnerability in a website vendor product,” a Federal Reserve spokesman said in a statement. “The exposure was fixed shortly after discovery and is no […]


A Hero Who Did Not Want To Be One

Since his suicide, friends and admirers have cast free-information activist Aaron Swartz as a martyred hero hounded to his death by the government he antagonized. One newspaper columnist — whose piece on Swartz was accompanied by a photo showing him at his computer, his head encircled by a golden halo — even compared him to an Internet-age Martin Luther King Jr. But those closest to the 26-year-old Swartz say the hacker prodigy wasn’t out to […]


Watson the Smart Ass

It’s a fact that Watson, IBM’s massive AI project, is smarter than the average human. I mean, it kicked Ken Jennings’ ass on Jeopardy that one time. “Smart,” in that respect, meant the ability to pull knowledge from terabytes worth of Wikipedia data based on verbal clues. But Ken Jennings (and you and me) has Watson beat in one measure of intelligence: human language. Once that fact no longer holds true, well, we’re all in […]


US Has The King of Supercomputers again!

Great to hear that we have the new fastest supercomputer, and we plan on keeping it that way. Titan, the U.S. Department of Energy’s top open science computer, is going live on Monday with an upgrade that will likely make it the fastest supercomputer on the planet. At 20 petaflops — that’s 20 quadrillion calculations each second — Titan outperforms by four petaflops the DOE’s Sequoia supercomputer, which has held the crown since June. What is really […]

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